Women and men beyond clonflict

Three days of speeches, workshops and events to bare witness of and exchange views with today’s societies of peace. These societies are living instances of egalitarian communities without any form of violence against women or children, let alone warfare.

With the participation of: Women from the Moso (Cina) and Khoesan (South Africa) communities; Heide Goettner Abendroth (Germany); Bernedette Muthien (South Africa); Peggy Reeves Sanday (USA); Diarmuid O’Murchu (Ireland); Luciana Percovich, Genevieve Vaughan, Mario Bolognese, Francesca Freeman, Iole Natoli, Daniela Degan, Alberto Castagnola, Cerchio di Luna Turino, Gruppo Italiano Dakini, Ass. Argiope, Ass. Talanith, Rodolfo Brun and Cerchio Guerrieri Altrove, Ass. Stregatocacolor, Barbara Zanoni, Monica di Bernardo, Francesca Colombini, Aldon Silvestri.

Turin, Italy | 16-18 Marzo 2012

  Program: The full program of the seminary (english). (432,4 KiB, scaricato 3.872 volte)

Organization: Morena Luciani, Sarah Perini, Monica Smith.

Laima is an association that came to life in 2010 as a tribute to Marija Gimbutas and all women and men dedicating their efforts to the creation of new and more egalitarian models of existence, be it through a cultural, artistic, economic, social or political approach. Our principal goals are to:

  • Explore and divulge Matristic Culture centred on the values of caring and reciprocity;
  • Spread multi-ethnic Culture and the beliefs, manners and customs of various ethnic minoritie;
  • Promote pedagogic activities and educatio.